The sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, leaving Leo behind as we head out of the summer months. Virgo the Virgin, lies at that time of year when things begin to truly shift. It’s time to go back to school, or for those who don’t, it’s time to start thinking about how we can better ourselves overall. Virgo represents health, especially health education, so it’s the perfect time to do a cleanse, read a self-help book, watch documentaries, start a diet, or begin a physical fitness routine. Virgo is the student, and ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. So, this next month, our attention will turn to more contemplative and informational activities. We will also want to learn new things and be healthier mentally and physically.

On a deeper level, Virgo represents the time of year when the days getting shorter start to feel like fall, even though Virgo is still technically in the summer. Moving from the hot days of summer towards the transformational cooler shifts of fall reminds us of the life cycle. Everything is born, everything lives, and everything dies. Fall brings the changing of the leaves from green to yellow, and then to red and brown. Eventually the leaves die, crumble, and blow away like ashes in the wind. Then we are greeted by the rebirth of winter.

So, in this sense, Virgo is a “signaling” period that big changes are coming. It represents an “in-between” space, which can bring profound spiritual truths. We are now beginning to leave behind summer days filled with socializing, vacations, and parties, towards more mentally active and philosophically-focused endeavors. This brings heightened awareness, as well as introspection, and more time spent in solitude.

If you think back on the way the world was over a hundred years ago, people were much more connected to the cycles of nature. Without electricity, they slept when it was dark and rose with the sun. In the colder months, their activities changed. Preparation, for example, was the focus before chillier seasons. Their everyday life was dictated by the changing of how much light versus darkness they would receive at any given time. Virgo told them that the darker months were coming. With the light of a candle, reading and study then became a more realistic activity.

In the daytime, we see everything. In long summer days, this sight almost has a magical effect on us. This means less fear and more courage, and less confusion and more contentment. In this way, the brighter months represent the conscious mind while the darker months represent the subconscious. Darkness has always been represented by the subconscious. This is because we only have access to it when the brainwaves slow down enough to “see” images, dreams, or symbols through meditation, sleep, or creative expression. This is why the darker months bring our focus to internal processes. These are the months where we naturally turn inward and work on our deepest levels of healing. In a very shamanistic sense, Virgo snaps us out of summer hypnosis, and back into the dark night of the soul.

During the four weeks that the sun is in Virgo, Mars will go retrograde on September 9th until November 13th. This means the planet will appear to be moving backwards from our perspective on Earth. Unlike Mercury (which goes retrograde three or four times a year), Mars only goes retrograde every two years. This can feel a bit intense, like Mercury retrograde, because Mars is a closer planet. The closer planets tend to have more of an effect on us personally, while the further out planets have more of an effect on us collectively.

Mars is the planet of the warrior and governs sexuality, actions, decisions, and anything related to building courage, drive, and convictions. When this planet is in retrograde, it’s best to take a few steps back and wait for the flames to subside. Mars is currently in Aries and will stay there throughout its retrograde. Aries is ruled by Mars, and in Greek mythology, Aries (Ares) was the God of War. Sun in Virgo may soften some of the fury and ferocity of Mars retrograde by helping us look inward at our own internal conflicts, rather than being on high alert for external conflicts. Obviously, this has been a tough year for everyone, and it’s not over yet. COVID-19 has put us all on edge, and isolation has brought feelings of apathy and boredom for many. Do yourselves a favor, and don’t do anything to provoke others while Mars is in retrograde. Focus on internal work and study instead.

Luckily our beloved planet, Jupiter, will be going direct on September 12th, only three days after Mars goes retrograde. Jupiter direct is always refreshing. This planet seems to resonate with the third eye and helps us see the future. When Jupiter is in retrograde, it can be harder to access information from your higher power. Jupiter went retrograde on May 14th, right around the time when we were expecting the pandemic to be over. Yet, here we are at the end of August, and it’s still happening. When Jupiter’s energy is blocked, it’s more difficult to see the big picture, and it’s harder to link to existential truth. Jupiter in Roman mythology is God of the Sky, and is linked to Zeus in Greek mythology. When we can see from a higher dimension, the problems that we’re facing down here in 3D aren’t as in-your-face or troubling. In essence, Jupiter-sight helps us reconnect to the divine.

The lunar influences of the first six months of 2020 were quite powerful. The beginning of the year brought us four supermoon cycles in a row (this is when the full or dark moon is closest to the Earth), and then June brought us two lunar eclipses and one solar eclipse. The ancients believed that the moon had a strong influence over us, and that supermoons and eclipses were especially extreme. The word “lunacy” comes from the word “lunar,” and this is no coincidence. The moon has long been associated with madness. Even hospitals and police stations say that there is more violence during a full moon. Animals behave much stranger too. The werewolf mythology is not a creative accident, it’s a metaphor for the power of the moon.

On top of all this “lunacy” we’ve been experiencing in 2020, right now six of the further out planets (which is all of them) are retrograde. When we as astrologers are paying attention to the movements of eleven planets at any given time––having over half of those planets in retrograde definitely means that, collectively as a humanity––we are not working together at full capacity. We are struggling. We are more focused on the physical realms, which makes it harder to access the spiritual ones. This year has been rough, but over the next couple of months all of these planets will be going direct, which means metaphysical curiosity and awakening will be returning very soon. This will help us view the current state of our world in a more advanced and wise way. So, hang tight. A return to clarity and new epiphanies are coming!



During this time, it is especially necessary for you to stay as calm as possible. With Mars being retrograde (and also your ruling planet), you’re going to have to be extra vigilant not to lose control of your emotions. While Mars’ influence is usually like that of a bonfire, a Mars in retrograde influence is like a forest fire. As a fire sign yourself, it’s best that you don’t become distracted by what is going on socially or publically. I know it can feel counterintuitive to your usual extroversion tendencies, but I would advise that you investigate the experiences of the hermit, and give yourself permission to be temporarily removed.


With Sun in Virgo, you will feel at home. Being that you are both earth signs, you tend to move at a slower pace than fire or air signs. You prefer, like water, to take your time in most things in your life. Watch out for stubborn tendencies with Mars retrograde, and work on compromising and letting go. Let yourself open to new ideas about darkness and the subconscious, so that you can take advantage of this time, and learn more about ultimate reality in ways you haven’t before. Break out of your mental comfort zone and go exploring. Expand a little bit more each day.


Being ruled by Mercury, like Virgo, this period will align you with what you enjoy most: feeding your mind with new information. Read away, and then see what happens to your consciousness once Jupiter goes direct. It may be intellectually exciting! Instead of jumping straight to socializing after discovering something new, why don’t you try holding space for that information and savoring it just for you? Quiet the need to stretch yourself thin in order to touch as many people as possible. Keep it for yourself instead. Also, try not to get too heady about decision-making with Mars in retrograde. Just sit back, and wait before getting too ahead of yourself.


Until the 6th of September, Venus will be in Cancer. Right now, this means that you are probably feeling connected in your relationships. Watch out for relationship shifts after the 6th, as Venus moves into Leo. The watery comfort you’ve had will change to a fiery intensity. Keep this in mind as Mars goes retrograde, and the blaze of conflict takes center stage. You may feel like you need to put walls up in order to feel safe. I would use that protective shell of yours and sit a few weeks of September out. Align with the Virgo energy, and give yourself the gift of self-healing.


As the sun leaves Leo, the spotlight of your sign will fade. Theatrics and playtime will cease, and you may have a hard time adjusting to a slower pace. Take the energy you’ve been charged with since your birthday, and do some studying about your greatest talents and skills. The world loves Leos. Most actors, actresses, and performers are Leos or have Leo in their charts. I know it can hurt a bit, but try and transform that self-focused energy into something a bit less visible to everyone else. With the scourging tendency of Mars retrograde, try to stay out of other’s radars, and swallow your pride if confrontation presents itself.


This is your month, Virgo. If you’re one of those people who have a lot of other signs in your birth chart, and you don’t really “feel” like a Virgo, take some time every day to wake up your intuition by tracking the natural changes of dark and light. This can be as simple as deep breathing for five minutes, or following a guided imagery. If you “feel” like a Virgo, you already know what to do. Mercury is in Virgo now as well. This means that the minds of others are thinking and communicating just like you. Pay attention to what this feels like. Do not let Mars retrograde make you more self-critical than usual. Ignore it; it’s not real. You are the sacred energy of the divine feminine and a natural at self-nurturing. So, use these gifts if you need to.


Right now, there is hardly any “air” energy. We are not yet feeling the full energy of air, and we won’t until fall hits. This is because at the fall equinox, we move into the air season. Air represents the higher mind, wisdom, and awakening. In the next four weeks, Libra’s airy and wise energy will grace us once again. So, hold on a little bit longer, and prepare for your birthday by seeing yourself for who you really are. Romance needs to take a backseat, especially while sexual expression runs the risk of going wild with Mars in retrograde. Maybe now is the time to write that novel you’ve been thinking about, or start painting or making music again in a disciplined and organized way.


Like Sun in Virgo, Scorpio has an understanding of wellness, only more so in the psychological sense. You know how to deeply investigate the mysteries of the psyche, and you are naturally drawn to those who give weight to all types of healing. You might say that Virgo is a lighter shade of Scorpio. During this time, focus on more concrete and science-based modalities. Once fall hits, you will have plenty of time to move deeper into a darker examination of human nature. Jupiter direct will help you see things a bit more on the bright side. Just make sure that during Mars in retrograde, you keep that scorpion stinger in check.


It’s been a crazy year, and as a passionate individual, you’ve probably had a lot you’ve wanted to say. Maybe you’ve taken to social media and made your thoughts and ethics known. It’s all good, as long as you have refrained from climbing onto that high horse. With Jupiter (your ruling planet) going direct, you’re going to find your moral compass aligning with even more open-minded leniencies, and you’ll probably even experience a few interpersonal awakenings. As opposed to Virgo, your nature is to make your thoughts known quite vocally. With the risk of massive Mars-in-retrograde-explosions, I’d find a nice little treasure box to keep your most jewel-filled thoughts in, at least until Mars goes direct.


A lot of shifts have been happening with Capricorn energy this year. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction (that only occurs every thirty-eight years) happened when the sun was in Capricorn, and now Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are all in Capricorn themselves. The mountain goat climbs, it’s just what you do. The higher you climb, the more you can see what is behind and below you. Cappies are imprinted with an understanding of time, and that’s been one of the biggest lessons of 2020. Melt into the comfort and energy of your fellow earth-sign, Virgo. Keep climbing mountains while Mars is in retrograde, and prepare for even more clarity with Jupiter’s third eye opening.


We are currently quite far away from Aquarian/air influences. You may be scratching your head a lot lately. This is because you’re used to thinking BIG, but the summer didn’t offer a lot of eye-opening revelations. Fear not, once fall hits you’ll be feeling a lot more like yourself. Spend Sun in Virgo resonating with the wellness vibes and furthering your own understanding in more grounded things. Don’t try to fly yet, the world isn’t ready. This is no time to bring your eccentric ideas to others while the fire of Mars in retrograde is blinding. Air and fire only make wildfires spread faster. Use the light of Jupiter’s opening to view things with practicality.


Neptune, your ruling planet, has been in Pisces since 2012 and will remain there until 2025. However, Neptune is currently retrograde and will be until November 29th. Being the sensitive being that you are (and having Neptune ruled by Poseidon himself) means that you have a hyper-response to all things feelings-related. Water is mystical and dreamy, and I’m sure this year has felt like very sharp edges to your delicate soul. Virgo resonates with your hopeful and peaceful ideals. She will keep you safe for the time being. Know that once Neptune goes direct, the POWER of water will return to you. Draw warm baths, and stay very far away from conflict while Mars is in retrograde, and don’t worry too much––Jupiter direct will send you serenity.

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